Not just ownership, but understanding: ‘Women-owned’

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You might have noticed that we have a banner on our website that says “Women-Owned”. You know what it means: that Firm Forward is owned by women. But do you know the true meaning of having a business run by a woman – especially one that assists law firms?

1. Gender inequity in law firms

Women are still underrepresented and underpaid in law firms, especially at senior levels. According to Thomson Reuters, “law firms continue to lose female talent despite showing considerable progress in hiring and retention at the entry- and mid-levels of the legal profession and within senior non-legal roles.” – and, as far as we can see from here, it’s true. 

2. Women and the pandemic

Gender inequity has always been present in law, but the pandemic made things worse for women. All over the world, reports have poured in of how women’s paid work has been affected in the pandemic – especially caregivers (mothers, grandmothers or guardians of older people), but not just them.

Now imagine that in the legal sector, where a gender gap already exists and women are passed over for promotions and high-level positions. Just do the math.

3. Women-owned and proud

So, we get it. Especially that part when a woman becomes a founding partner of her own legal business because few law firms have strong equity policies to retain mothers, or because (even with no kids) she would never get to partner or managing partner of someone else’s firm.

Or that part when law firms finally understand that they need diversity, equity and inclusion policies, because a diverse workplace is beneficial in so many ways.

Firm Forward is owned by women, and we are truly committed to helping other women (and under-represented groups) in the legal industry, to follow the career paths they want.

We know what it’s like to build a business, and especially as you’re getting started, spending a lot of money on memberships might not be feasible. While this logo isn’t official and doesn’t come with any certification, it’s a testament of our commitment, and of who we are.

So, yes. This logo is unofficial and unregistered, but if you are a woman who owns a business or a law firm, and you’re not in a place to invest in those official woman-owned logo clubs, feel free to use this one.

Women Owned: owned by women

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