These are Firm Forward’s Values. What are your firm’s?

Sign on office wall background: You Law Firm's Values Matter (and it's good for marketing)

If you are a long-time follower of Firm Forward on social media (or a friend, or client), by now you should know:

?We invested in remote collaboration years before the pandemic turned it into a trend
? We support Women’s IP Today and all women in business and law
? We support LGBTQ+ people’s rights
? We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion (and that’s part of the services we offer to firms because we truly believe in the importance of DEI)
? Black lives matter
? We’re still devastated by the untimely passing of hero Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
? We loved the movie “Enola Holmes” (oh, you didn’t know that yet)
? We are tech-enthusiasts with a heart

Transparency mixed with a bit humor – it says a lot about the way we do business. By stating our values whenever we have the chance, we attract awesome clients that align with our principles.

Communicating your values is a way of marketing your firm’s services, to people who share those values, or are maybe inspired by them, and to people who engage with you and become those amazing clients you believe in.

How do you communicate your law firm’s values? Let us know! Send us a message or tag us on social media! Follow us on LinkedIn | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube.

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