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Not just ownership, but understanding: ‘Women-owned’

Women Owned featured image

You might have noticed that we have a banner on our website that says “Women-Owned”. You know what it means: that Firm Forward is owned by women. But do you know the true meaning of having a business run by a woman – especially one that assists law firms? 1. Gender inequity in law firms Women are still underrepresented and underpaid in law firms, especially at senior levels. According to Thomson Reuters, “law firms continue […]

Diversity Standards for Law Firms: Resources

A diverse team shown analyzing data

A firm’s culture is largely shaped by its partners and everyone who works there. It is important that a firm’s culture reflects the values and goals that it strives for as a whole. This includes being inclusive and diverse in all areas – including gender, race, ethnicity, age, religion, and sexual orientation. That’s why your law firm needs clear diversity standards. We said that already: diverse teams are more productive and innovative, yes, but we […]

ABA’s Survey of Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Law Practice Report

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The American Bar Association conducted a Survey of Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Law Practice, and here is the report: https://www.americanbar.org/initiatives/practice-forward. We are not surprised that 81% of the respondents are white, nor that women are more likely than men to have personal responsibility for child care, and significantly more likely to have taken on *more* child care responsibility during the pandemic. The effects of the pandemic on women and lawyers of color are very similar when it comes […]

INTA’s The Women’s LeadershIP Initiative Report and Best Practices Toolkit

The Women's LeadershIP Initiative at INTA

Earlier this month, INTA released The Women’s LeadershIP Initiative Report and Best Practices Toolkit, as part of its efforts to address the underrepresentation of women in IP. The file not only brings relevant data about women’s representation, career advancement and work-life integration, but also insights and recommendations for organizations to include women in their workplace – we mean, REALLY include. INTA is also committed to continuing The Women’s Leadership Initiative as a permanent program. Click […]

Stop “diversity washing” your law business

Stop diversity washing your law business

Here’s a typical “diverse” team: people of color doing back-office work, women who never get promoted (if promoted, it’s expected that they don’t have kids, or pretend that the kids don’t exist), LGBTQIA+ people who may never hear an offensive joke at work – but only because they are told in private meetings with the directors’ board. Everybody is talking about the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in law businesses (to be honest, everywhere). […]