Stop “diversity washing” your law business

Stop diversity washing your law business

Here’s a typical “diverse” team: people of color doing back-office work, women who never get promoted (if promoted, it’s expected that they don’t have kids, or pretend that the kids don’t exist), LGBTQIA+ people who may never hear an offensive joke at work – but only because they are told in private meetings with the directors’ board.

Everybody is talking about the importance of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in law businesses (to be honest, everywhere). But, what do you REALLY feel about DEI?

Spoiler: yes, everybody notices when you’re just “diversity washing,” and it’s bad for your business. The good news is that a mindset shift towards truly believing in DEI is possible.

Ask us how. We have data to prove it.

(we love making data-based decisions!)

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