Spring clean your firm’s email list

Spring clean your firm's email list

No kidding: before GDPR measures went into force in some places, people used to be proud of their huge mailing lists, obtained at the expense of hundreds of email addresses in copy – none of which were really opted-in.

Bouncing emails, outdated or misspelled domain names, people who NEVER open your newsletters… you may be throwing money out the window, considering that most email services charge by the number of contacts.

1. Ask non-openers if they want to stay. Just as simple as this: send a super-segmented email to people who haven’t opened an email from you for more than 6 months. Are they still there?

2. Export that list to your favorite spreadsheet software and look for duplicate emails (sashay away), misspelled domain names (you can correct those and shantay, you stay), or emails from firms that are no more. Don’t have time? Outsource it or use a tech tool to do it for you.

3. Did we say “outsource it”? Get help with segmenting your list with data you didn’t collect but is public – firm’s country, for example, or practice area (this requires some research). We promise it will be worth the while.

There you have it: an optimized mailing list, full of people who are interested in what you have to say or in carrying on your business relationship, and that’s what counts.

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