Meeting Requests and Partnering Systems

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Understanding how best to handle meeting requests and partnering systems can dramatically increase your ability to receive positive responses to your meeting request and gaining new clients. Taking the time to make better meeting requests and utilize all of the features of a partnering system can help ensure that you reach the right people and have a better success rate.

Meeting Requests

In most cases, the way any law firm gains new clients is to make a meeting request with a decision-maker or to a potential client they do not already know. Learn the best practices regarding meeting requests and how to ensure that your acceptance rate increases exponentially by following these strategic practices.

Targeting the Right People

We have all received a meeting request that inspired us to answer and connect with the sender. Typically, this happens because someone has targeted you specifically and connected with you as an individual. Targeting the right people is crucial to getting a positive response from your meeting request. If you are receiving a lot of negative responses (or no responses at all) to your meeting requests, it may be because you are not targeting the right demographic in the proper manner. In real life, even if you absolutely perfect your targeting techniques, only 10% of your meeting requests will come back with a positive acceptance and response rate. Therefore, getting your targeting right regarding your meeting requests is essential.

Make an Informed Approach

In many cases, law firms take their first opportunity to connect with potential clients by providing all of their services and accolades. Instead of simply regurgitating everything you can possibly provide for a potential new client, you need to do your research. Take the time to truly determine what connects you with this client, or what they could offer you. In some cases, you might find a connection such as the fact you went to the same school or lived in a similar area. Another way to form a connection is to simply speak to something specific about them – a success story of theirs or a book that they authored. Consider asking them questions that are relevant to their specific industry or company. These are the kinds of personalized items that will create a connection and show that this is not a form letter sent to 100 other potential clients. Take the time to provide specifics as to how you can provide value directly to them and address their specific needs.

Make Sure to Reach Out to the Decision Maker

Make sure that you are reaching out to the decision-maker for your meeting request. This could be the law firm partner, the general counsel, the group counsel, or other people in charge. Never forget that paralegals often are the gateway to the actual decision-makers. These influencers can truly impact your ability to get a clear path to the actual decision-maker in the future.

Consider How Virtual Meetings May Impact Meeting Requests

In light of the recent pandemic, most meetings you will have with decision-makers will occur virtually. There are several amazing tools available to meet with people virtually. Some of these virtual meetings may occur over Zoom, but if you are planning on attending a conference, there are other platforms that can make meeting requests even more simple.

Partnering Systems

Partnership systems are software platforms that are meant to facilitate meetings at a conference. In most partnership systems, a conference meeting attendee will be able to sign up for the platform if they are interested in connecting and meeting with the attendees. Most recently, the Intaconnect platform provides a strong example of a partnering system can be a powerful tool to meet prospective clients and connections at a conference.

How Partnering Systems Work

Once you are registered on a partnering system, you can indicate your availability for a particular date and time throughout the conference. You can then search do some selective targeting for other conference attendees that you may want to meet with. The brilliance of a partnering system is that you are attempting to connect with people who are already open to having a meeting, as they have signed up for the platform. However, just like in real life, you will have to utilize specific techniques in order to have them agree to a meeting with you.

Remember the Lessons from Above.

While a partnering system may make it easier for you to find and request meetings, the same standards and rules apply. You will want to make a potential client or partner want to have a meeting with you by connecting with them individually with specifics and creating value for them. Make sure to search for the right people that you want to meet, and then request a meeting through the platform.  The greatest part of a partnering system is that their schedule is readily available, so you can focus on your substance and message of your meeting request.

How Partnering Systems Can Create Massive Success

In one conference alone, I booked 27 meetings with people I had never met which resulted in a massive flow of business after the conference. However, none of that would have been possible if I did not utilize both the partnering system correctly, and the techniques for successful meeting requests.

Remember the Personal Touch Matters

In previous years, you may have been able to offer a potential client dinner, a coffee, or even an excursion. Remember that the personal touch still matters, even if your meetings are virtual. Consider creating a tangible connection by sending a small gift, something from your vendor booth, or something that will simply brighten their day. Small gift certificates or even a thank you card can build a level of connection that a potential client can hold on to at the end of the day. Remember that you are providing something small to have them remember who you are and what you are offering. Many law firms or businesses will not allow clients to accept large gifts, therefore it is important to keep it small and meaningful.

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