Law Firm Podcasts and Live Streaming: Legal Marketing Tools You Should Adopt

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We know a lot of people are thinking about law firm podcasts and live streaming because we get asked about them all the time, and it’s partly because of how popular they are. We’ve been seeing more and more of them in the pandemic, and it’s certainly made people think about new methods to reach out to new audiences and engage with them. Law Firm podcasts and live streaming are legal marketing tools that you should consider adopting.

Difference Between Running a Law firm Podcast And Live Streaming

When it comes to this type of media, there are a variety of ways to accomplish different goals. The most significant difference between live streaming and podcasting is that podcasts are usually pre-recorded and you have a lot of options for fine-tuning the finished product and having someone professionally edit it to make the sound just right. Often, podcasts do not include video, but many people increasingly are mingling the two terms, saying that a podcast and a videocast are the same things. Anyone who wants to get on the podcasting bandwagon can now do so easily, thanks to social media.

When you’re streaming live, it’s a little different because some things might worry you – whether it’s technology going wrong, lighting that isn’t great, or sound that isn’t functioning. These are minor concerns that you should consider, but getting started does not have to be a long and expensive process.

Some Points to Keep in Mind Before Taking the Podcasting and Live Streaming Dive 

  1. If you’re going to use these as tools to grow your audience and engage with people, the most important thing to remember is to make sure you’re meeting people where they are, that you know your target audience and that you can curate the content you’re going to share in a meaningful way. 
  1. Podcasts increase your visibility in the many channels where you already have a presence. For example, after you hit a certain amount of LinkedIn followers, you gain a lot more visibility than if you merely post and have a sporadic presence online. It’s completely different on Facebook, where you don’t have to wait for anything than it is on other channels, where there are some regulations to follow and third-party tools to assist you.
  1. If you decide to go ahead and do it, you should check with your local bar association to see what restrictions or limitations may apply to you using these tools. Once those things are clear, you can focus on the content you want to share and create a plan. The most important thing is to be able to share your knowledge, which offers you greater credibility with your audience and increased visibility, which is what we’re always after.
  1. If you go live, there are some ways to capture more people by offering them in advance. You can offer to do a question-and-answer session if you’re covering a specific practice area or trying to grow a specific legal service. These are excellent ways to introduce a broader audience and engage with current followers on a deeper level.

Repurposing Content: The New Normal 

This is also an excellent time to put something together that you can reuse later. If you create a law firm podcast, or if you already have one, you can take parts and pieces of it and mix them together for various purposes, such as social media stories or sound for an advertisement. You may use the content in a variety of ways once you’ve published it, or if you’ve live-streamed, you can break it up into smaller chunks and share them on your website, or the links to them can be shared on other social media.

How to get it Right? Different Legal Practice Areas Require Different Approaches  

There are legal and law firm podcasts that people are listening to, and if you’re in the B2B space and doing the corporate side, we’d recommend taking a look at them because you’ll find that on a professional level, people who are commuting or going for a jog will listen to a podcast. 

When it comes to reaching out to end-users of legal services, it might be difficult to reach out to corporate clients, employees of corporations, or other lawyers. In the United States, the statistics on podcast usage are remarkable, and numerous people are listening to them right now. If you haven’t yet visited the legal talk network, you can get a lot of inspiration and suck up some content from other lawyers who are already killing it.

People also rely on a niche to expand their services in a very specific way, and this can be really beneficial to you. If you represent dads in divorce cases, this medium can help you raise service awareness and brand recognition. If you’re in litigation and there are some fascinating case laws that you want to cover, go ahead and do it, even if you think it’ll be boring, because there will be people who benefit from hearing what you have to say if you’re an expert in a particular area. When it comes to the entertainment niche, podcasts and video streams are pretty exciting, and this is something that could help you achieve new heights.

Start Today. What’s Stopping You?

People who have previously taken this step and put together some great content in an inspirational style can give you ideas for how it can work for your law firm. Live streaming and podcasting have certain hurdles, but nothing worthwhile ever comes easy. These are fantastic tools for reaching out to new folks. All you have to do is be aware of your audience’s geography, prepare the content you want to communicate with them, and then go for it. Feel free to send your questions to – we’re always happy to answer them. Contact us today!

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