How to define your law firm’s online audience persona

Social Media: person circling the target audience

One big mistake for law firms to avoid on social media is trying to reach too broad an audience. First of all, having thousands of followers doesn’t necessarily mean engagement or clients. You really need to refine your audience and nail down your niche to better communicate with them.

By “your audience” we mean the audience you already have, or that ideal audience – the potential clients or decision-makers you want to reach in social media. You already have tons of data about the clients that send you work. Use it to set up your firm’s customer persona (or a couple of them) – like those RPG sheets, but instead of strength points you’ll give them:

✏️ A name
✏️ His/her age
✏️ Level of education
✏️ Profession
✏️ Location
✏️ Income
✏️ Interests and stage in life (you can use your storytelling skills here)
✏️ Their pain points
✏️ How do they communicate (technology, social media channels, tone, and language)
✏️ How you can solve their problem

There you have it: this persona is basically your marketing segmentation (or your firm’s). It will guide you from crafting a social media strategy to creating new services and incorporating new practices.

Don’t forget: if you don’t have time to do it – or think you don’t have the tools to collect data (but, we bet you do) – Firm Forward’s experts are ready to help.

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