But First, People

Three people on top of a mountain celebrating in front of a sunset: But first, people and the Firm Forward Logo

In 2020, law firm business development and marketing priorities were all set up reactively. We had no choice but to be digital-first.

Now that we’ve entered 2021, we can think about prioritizing investments not just for survival, but for thriving.

If you’d ask us, we would say “put your people first”.

  • Assess your team.
  • Figure out who knows what.
  • Invest in them when it comes to digital priorities (training, coaching, mentoring).
  • Understand which tools work better for digital teams.
  • Make sure they know how to use this virtual information that is driving your business.

(Also, they are your biggest brand ambassadors. Make sure they feel motivated, and that there are clear career paths for them).

Needless to say – but we’ll say it anyway -, Firm Forward’s experts can guide your team through all stages of business development.
Ask us how.

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