Lia Amancio

Meet Lia

Oi! My name is Lia Amancio and I’ve been writing for the internet since 2000, doing content marketing and making my own kitten gifs way before content marketing and kitten gifs were cool.

Post-graduate in Corporate Communication by ESPM (a renowned marketing and business school in Brazil), I’ve worked with content planning and management for digital agencies, TV shows, musicians, and communication departments of local public bodies dedicated to supporting the film industry; and also as a teacher, providing marketing and social media training and short-term courses.

In 2016, I met Lys and the whole legal marketing universe, when I was hired to run the Marketing department of Brazilian IP firm Di Blasi, Parente & Associados. I left in 2018 but kept providing social media services for Firm Forward and its clients. Now here I am – Firm Forward’s CMO and your host in Rio.