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Start Your Annual Legal Marketing Planning Now! (It’s Not Too Late)

Annual Planning

Marketing For Law Firms and Business Development is Changing A lot of firms probably just dust off their old annual plans and make a few adjustments and call it a day. If that sounds like you, you might have a problem. The entire ball game is changing. You know what? Less than 5% of the Law Firms in the US work off of a strategic plan. Are you serious? And they still complain about not […]

Do Paid Law Firm Directory Listings Actually Work? 

Do paid law firm directory listings actually work? Industry Overview of Legal Directories  Opportunities to invest in expanded profiles are increasingly available. When your firm is ranked, a free or a paid profile is available to improve your firm’s credibility and visibility. You are probably receiving these offers constantly. These investments would be made by law firms as well as individual practitioners, and they would be a no-brainer. You presumably spend in legal directories like […]

How to build thought leadership on social media

thought Leadership on Social Media

Thought Leadership has found its way through social media. More and more experts are recognized as “top voices” and influencers have their newsletters read and profiles followed. As a legal practitioner or quite possibly as an expert in your field, you could be one of them, taking your law firm’s name to more and more people online. Or, maybe you are one of them already, but you lack the time and patience to build your following […]

ABA’s Survey of Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Law Practice Report

The effects of the pandemic on women and lawyers of color are very similar when it comes to work disruptions

The American Bar Association conducted a Survey of Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Law Practice, and here is the report: We are not surprised that 81% of the respondents are white, nor that women are more likely than men to have personal responsibility for child care, and significantly more likely to have taken on *more* child care responsibility during the pandemic. The effects of the pandemic on women and lawyers of color are very similar when it comes […]

Firm Forward, LLC: New Principal Consultant, Latin America

María Fernanda Cornejo, Firm Forward's Principal Consultant, Latin America

María Fernanda Cornejo, based in Ecuador, will help lead the Houston-based legal marketing company’s LatAm expansion Houston, Texas – María Fernanda Cornejo, based in Quito, Ecuador, joins Firm Forward, LLC, a leading marketing and business development agency for B2B law firms, as Principal Consultant, Latin America. Cornejo has a master’s degree in Marketing and Digital Communication and has served as Communications Director for companies such as Huawei Technologies. After more than 10 years working in […]