Monthly Archives: December 2020

Meeting Requests and Partnering Systems

Understanding how best to handle meeting requests and partnering systems can dramatically increase your ability to receive positive responses to your meeting request and gaining new clients. Taking the time to make better meeting requests and utilize all of the features of a partnering system can help ensure that you reach the right people and have a better success rate. Meeting Requests In most cases, the way any law firm gains new clients is to […]

Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion For Law Firms

The difficult topics of diversity, equity, and inclusion have been included in conversations at Firm Forward for years. However, in light of recent events throughout the United States, and the world, we want to bring this topic back again to the forefront, even if some may find it uncomfortable or challenging. Our position at Firm Forward is that Black Lives Matter and that the conversations regarding diversity, equity, and inclusion for law firms must continue […]