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Comprehensive Business Development and Marketing Solutions for Law Firms

We use our knowledge and experience to make law firms more efficient, helping them grow their businesses and provide the world class service expected in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

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Strategic Marketing & Business Development for Law Firms

We work as an extension of your team to incorporate robust and modern marketing and business development solutions into your law firm’s strategy for growth. Throughout our years of dedication to law firm success, we have embraced both tradition and innovation. We craft business solutions with precision and never, ever cutting corners. Some things are worth taking time over and developing to its full potential. Your law practice is one of them.

Our approach is unique, because our experience comes from both sides of the equation. We use combined perspectives to perfectly blend the needs of the client and the goals of the law firm to achieve success.

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Supercharge your Practice with solutions that work for you.

Our proprietary business development methodology enables us to explore your desired positioning while scoping and defining your practice’s accomplishments and opportunities for growth.

We then leverage from your core values, differentiating points and strengths to tell a compelling story to your customers and achieve a strong positioning in the market.

Firm Forward Core

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Social Media Management

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Website Design & Development

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Business Development

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Management Consulting

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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It All Starts With a Fantastic Team of Passionate Professionals

Our team is known for their fanatical dedication to client satisfaction. At Firm Forward we are making it our life mission to offer our customers the opportunity to tell their firm’s story in a way that is compelling, relevant and memorable for their clients.

Meet Lys

Hi! I’m Elyssa LeFevre Chayo, but most people call me Lys. I’m the founder and CEO of Firm Forward, a business development and marketing consultancy to law firms and legal teams.

My background is in international business and intellectual property. I studied at a few different universities and then got practical training with law firms, as I worked my way up on the corporate side, managing global IP portfolios and hiring outside counsel around the world.

Meet Bryan

Hello! My name is Bryan and I am the Community Support Specialist for Firm Forward, a company that helps make law firms more efficient by providing solid advice, strategic planning, and data-driven results.

Before working for Firm Forward, I served as a Team Manager for an American multinational technology company for 6 years wherein I conducted meetings with advisors with the intent of resolving customer concerns, in-house issues and produced communication strategies to meet client’s KPIs.

Meet Lia

Oi! My name is Lia Amancio and I’ve been writing for the internet since 2000, doing content marketing and making my own kitten gifs way before content marketing and kitten gifs were cool.

Post-graduate in Corporate Communication by ESPM (a renowned marketing and business school in Brazil), I’ve worked with content planning and management for digital agencies, TV shows, musicians, and communication departments of local public bodies dedicated to supporting the film industry; and also as a teacher, providing marketing and social media training and short-term courses.

Meet Tiana

Hi! My name is Tiana Hicks. I’m a Marketing Coordinator at Firm Forward.

Technically, I have been in Social Media Marketing since 2020, but let’s face it. I grew up with it, and I’ve got this.

I specialize in content creation, business promotion, SEO, and working with our team to creatively produce and schedule content. A natural multi-tasker, I am obtaining my undergrad degree from the University of Houston and graduating in the Summer of 2022 (Woohoo).

Meet Fernanda

Hi! I’m María Fernanda Cornejo. I’m from Ecuador, and I am Firm Forward’s Principal Consultant, Latin America.

I have an undergraduate degree in journalism and consumer economics, and a master’s degree in Marketing and Digital Communication. I have worked in many different Communications agencies and as a Communications Director for companies such as Huawei Technologies. I have also worked as a TV producer and used to host a pet radio show.

Meet Samridhi

I’m Samridhi! Most people call me Sam. Easier to remember and pronounce! For the most part, I love writing and breaking down hard concepts to digestible information or designs. I believe that there’s so much legalese already, what we need is crisp and engaging content that conveys the point!

I’m a Content Strategist at Firm Forward. I’m so happy to be working with some amazing people here. I’m currently pursuing my law degree from India and I’m inclined towards business and commercial law. I enjoy reading and learning about management, business development, content strategy, digital marketing, social media and design!

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Pursuit Of Excellence Is Our Way Of Life.

At Firm Forward we pride ourselves in our ability to bring our valued clients nothing but the widest range of exclusive personalised business and technology solutions in the legal field.

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Updates and pro-tips on law firm marketing, business development and everything in between. Firm Forward is dedicated to providing the current information that law firms need to make good decisions about legal marketing to help grow their practices.

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